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Dolomites Trentino

Madonna Di Campiglio

Trentino offers you cultural and natural resources as well as a journey into its history and spoils you with clean water, pure air and beautiful surroundings.
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Dolomites Veneto

Val di Fassa

They are renowned throughout the world: from the Belluno Pre-alps to Cansiglio, towering over Alpago, and then Cristallo, Sorapis, the Tofane overlooking Cortina, Marmolada, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo...
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Dolomites South Tyrol

Dolomites South Tyrol

South Tyrol with 300 sunny days per year and fertile soils provides the ideal prerequisites to indulge the most discriminating bons vivants.
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Lake Garda

From north to south Lake Garda features picturesque resorts and enchanting views. Garda Trentino, at the northern end of the lake, with its resorts of Riva del Garda, Torbole and the lido of Arco.
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Venice is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, with its rich pristine architecture, romantic scenery and world renowned food and wine.
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Dolomiti di Brenta Trek

The Dolomiti di Brenta trek is a new route all around the Brenta Group, the western chain of the Dolomites in the heart of one of the wildest natural parks in Italy: the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

Dolomiti Brenta Trek - Discovering the Brenta Dolomites on foot
The "Dolomiti di Brenta Trek" (DBT) - like its counterpart the "Dolomiti di Brenta Bike" a bikers' paradise opened last summer - caters for two different types of walkers. The "expert" route has been planned for serious and practised hikers, who want to enjoy the mountains one hundred percent and experience staying in high altitude refuges, alpine cow-sheds and bivouac huts, whilst the "country" route is for families and those who prefer gentler mountain slopes and walking without forsaking the pleasure of returning to a comfortable hotel to rest after the outing.

The trail is conceived as a single itinerary in the brenta Group, that enables to appreciate its beauty, from the gentle Alpine panoramas famous throughout the world, to the wildest corners. All without compulsory stages or an enforced pace. The route, in several stages, takes you to the most beautiful places in the group and everyone can plan their own DBT as they please, depending on their own ability and time available. Seven high mountain refuges (all above an altitude of 2,000 metres), a dozen or so alpine cow-sheds and various bivouac huts provide hospitality. All the itineraries, the two official trails and the alternative variations, are marked with the official "Dolomiti di Brenta Trek" signs.

On the Internet site of the route you can download all the technical info to walk in tranquillity: maps, altimeters, GPS tracks and all the addresses of the accommodation structures associated with the project that offer hospitality tailored for the hiker.

Hospitality is the great innovation of the "Dolomiti di Brenta Trek" as  it offers the magical experience of spending a night in one of the excellent high altitude alpine refuges in these mountains, where you can also enjoy the traditional flavours of the Trentino wine and food. Hospitality in a cow-shed instead offers the hiker an opportunity to capture one of the last remnants of genuine alpine life

Dolomiti Brenta Trek EXPERT

This trail is for expert hikers and provides an opportunity to discover all the various landscapes and environments of the Brenta Dolomites in a few days, from the better known ones of the central Brenta group (for example the splendid and technical Castiglioni Via Ferrata) to the more unusual and wild ones of the Campa Group, passing through open and impressive scenery dotted with ancient mountain cow-sheds where cattle are still kept. The whole route can be covered in stages that go along some of the most famous SAT paths (in total over 560 kilometres of waymarked and facilitated trails). The itineraries vary from a difficulty of grade E (for physically fit hikers) to grade EEA for expert mountaineers with mountaineering equipment, for whom some of the most technical and exciting passages of the whole project have been designed: the Castiglioni Via Ferrata and the adventurous Osvaldo Orsi path. However, the more technical sections and major difficulties can always be avoided by an easier route that, if necessary, shortens the walking time. There are also some very panoramic and easy paths, like those going through the beautiful Val dei Cavai from Malga Spora, or those around the emerald shores of the legendary Lake Tovel, in the heart of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.

Dolomiti Brenta Trek COUNTRY

This circuit, around the mountain pastures and valleys of this magnificent countryside, is instead for lovers of easy walks, for families and those who prefer routes with modest altitude gains, but at the same time want to enjoy the wonderful scenery. The route mostly follows the "Dolomiti di Brenta Bike" trail through the picturesque itineraries along the bottom of the valley, between flower-strewn fields and fresh fir woods, often enriched with elements of history and tradition. Starting from the beautiful Madonna di Campiglio the route partly runs along the ancient "San Vili Path" in Val Rendena and then continues along the so-called "Traccia romana" in Valle dello Sporeggio, with its geological and naturalistic features like the mysterious Bus della Spia grotto. The entrance to the natural oasis of Val di Tovel is through a fascinating tunnel, following the irrigation channel of over two kilometres that takes the water from the enchanting Lake Tovel down to the valley.


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