Dolomites Summer

Dolomites - where to go

Dolomites Trentino

Madonna Di Campiglio

Trentino offers you cultural and natural resources as well as a journey into its history and spoils you with clean water, pure air and beautiful surroundings.
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Dolomites Veneto

Val di Fassa

They are renowned throughout the world: from the Belluno Pre-alps to Cansiglio, towering over Alpago, and then Cristallo, Sorapis, the Tofane overlooking Cortina, Marmolada, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo...
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Dolomites South Tyrol

Dolomites South Tyrol

South Tyrol with 300 sunny days per year and fertile soils provides the ideal prerequisites to indulge the most discriminating bons vivants.
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Lake Garda

From north to south Lake Garda features picturesque resorts and enchanting views. Garda Trentino, at the northern end of the lake, with its resorts of Riva del Garda, Torbole and the lido of Arco.
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Venice is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, with its rich pristine architecture, romantic scenery and world renowned food and wine.
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Skiing in Italy, Resort information, hotels and apartments

Climbing, free climbing and bouldering in Dolomites

Free climbing is a young and dynamic sport, and Trentino has both natural and artificial walls to offer to this practice. Arco - in Garda Trentino - is the home of sport climbing. Each year, it hosts the Rock Master, which attracts top climbing champions to the area. Arco has also been the seat of the last  World Climbing Championships  in 2011.
Classes, training courses and Alpine guides are available to introduce visitors to this thrilling sport. In winter, fans can also enjoy ice climbing on waterfalls - the most famous of which are in Val Daone.


The Dolomites are also a paradise for mountaineers. Mountaineers see climbing as the most important undertaking of their lives. For them, the rock becomes both a partner and a guide. Alpine refuges are used by mountaineers as a starting point. From there, they can make their way to the peaks, travelling across glaciers and over the trails that have made mountaineering history. Trails, refuges and rest areas are maintained by SAT (Trentino Alpinists' Association) and SOSAT (Worker's Section of the Trento Alpinists' Association).

Bouldering is one of the newest sports on the scene, and consists in climbing boulders without a rope. In Trentino, bouldering can be enjoyed in Valle del Chiese.

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# Alesya
29 March 2012 11:17
This is a tricky one given the time of year. You're best bet is to find a trail that will pass you togruhh a village. Do you have a car? This is pretty key to getting to a good starting point. And you are right, the options are overwhelming. The Val Badia, Val Gardena, Val di Funes region seems it could be a good network. As always, we refer people to as they specialize in these things and they can assist in any logistics. The good news is that there is little to no snow this year so trails should be in good shape.
# Kiran
29 March 2012 15:30
My husband and I are very epcerienxed backpackers and are looking for a 3-day, 2-night hike in the Dolomites. This will be a side trip from Venice, as part of a 2 week tour of Northern Italy in general. Our concern is 1) we will be hiking in Dolomites June 1 -3, and huts will not be open, and 2) we feel overwhelmed when searching internet for an appropriate hike. We were thinking maybe a 25ish mile loop? Since the huts are not open, are we allowed to camp in our tent? Can you recommend a loop? Thanks for any direction you can provide!

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