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Dolomites Trentino

Madonna Di Campiglio

Trentino offers you cultural and natural resources as well as a journey into its history and spoils you with clean water, pure air and beautiful surroundings.
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Dolomites Veneto

Val di Fassa

They are renowned throughout the world: from the Belluno Pre-alps to Cansiglio, towering over Alpago, and then Cristallo, Sorapis, the Tofane overlooking Cortina, Marmolada, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo...
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Dolomites South Tyrol

Dolomites South Tyrol

South Tyrol with 300 sunny days per year and fertile soils provides the ideal prerequisites to indulge the most discriminating bons vivants.
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Lake Garda

From north to south Lake Garda features picturesque resorts and enchanting views. Garda Trentino, at the northern end of the lake, with its resorts of Riva del Garda, Torbole and the lido of Arco.
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Venice is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, with its rich pristine architecture, romantic scenery and world renowned food and wine.
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The Civetta has always been one of the favourite destinations for mountaineers, who brave the famous “wall of the walls”, reign of the sixth grade and one of the greatest challenges of mountaineering: many are the climbing routes, all quite difficult, that were established through the years on this wall. Many are also the trekking trails of this area: romantic walks along the lake of Alleghe and in the Cordevole valley for those who are looking for easy and relaxing paths, or, for trained trekkers, the ascent from Malga Pioda to the walls of Mount Coldai and the mountain pool bearing the same name, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of Alleghe. Another quite difficult but beautiful route is the one going around the Civetta mountain and taking three days.

Mountain bike lovers can choose among many itineraries of different length and difficulty, but this area is also the ideal destination for bikers and cyclers, who can put themselves to the test by braving the stages of the Giro d’Italia. Among the sports competitions that take place every year, worth mention are the famous Civetta Superbike, one of the hardest, and most beautiful, ultra-distance mountain biking races, and the Transcivetta, a mountain race walking to be performed in pairs. Water sports lovers can choose among the many activities the lake of Alleghe has to offer, like windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, sport fishing, a trip with the boat or with the pedalo.    


The Queen of the Dolomites. The Marmolada, with its 3,342 m altitude, is the highest mountain in the Dolomites. Its' northern side is covered by the largest glacier in the whole Dolomites gro

" Conquering the peak - The scene before us is unforgettable. Just like a real queen the mountain receives visitors, her snow covered head held high. On the summit you have the feeling that the whole world lies at your feet ! Seeing this for the first time takes one's breath away. It took 270 million years for all of this to come into being. To the south an 800 metre cliff stands vertical, to the north we can make out the glistening sugar coated silhouette of the giant on Lago Fedaia. Yet another colossus, Monte Pelmo, makes its presence felt here, once conquered as the first three thousand metre peak." 


Among the many food specialties of this area you should try the speck, the cheeses produced in the malghe, the “casonziei” (ravioli with spinach, pumpkin or beetroot filling, and with melted butter and ricotta cheese seasoning), the barley soup, the polenta served with pastin, or served with game meat seasoned with wild herbs. You can also try famous desserts like the “carfogn” (large fried sweet ravioli), the krapfen and the ricotta cheesecake. Finally, grappa flavoured with blueberry, mugo pine or juniper.


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